Lube Oil Sampling Kit offer the option to vent cells for pressure equalization purposes through the rotation of a snap-on closure.
RSE manufactures varieties of Bunker fuel sampling Kits which is complete with the entire range of sampling bottles that are stronger and with increased security, caps, tamper evident security  
RSE manufactures XRF cups of size 32mm sample holder. Suits all branded meters in the market. packed in bags of 100 nos can be shipped directly to your lab locations or warehouse through your approved AirFreight.

Welcome to RS Engineers..!

RS Engineers delivers packing, shipping and advisory solutions that help our customers achieve measurable improvements to their business of lube oil testing and bunkering/fuel oil testing & compliance with marine fuel regulatory requirements. All consumables are available either as convenient sampling kits containing all necessary equipment or supplied in bulk to refineries and bunker barge operations. We enjoy a solid reputation with customers for reliability, responsiveness, technical competence and demonstrated global distribution capability. We believe that maintaining long term relationships with our customers is a vital component of our mission.

We cater to customers across the globe and have wide experience in better understanding their needs. Today, our customers remain at the heart of our business as we continue to expand our activities. We are committed to providing services with absolute integrity, professionalism and the highest quality standards. Our sole focus is laboratory conusmables and we develop, market & support a well-planned suite of products.

If you are currently a customer, we thank you for your business. If you are just getting acquainted, we appreciate your interest and will welcome any inquiry.

Packing Solutions

Kraft Kit Boxes

Kraft Boxes are bio-degradable and 100% recyclable with ease thereby being one of the most eco-friendly materials available. We can provide you multiple sizes from small, medium, large and extra large to match your needs.

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