Packing Solutions

Kraft Boxes are bio-degradable and 100% recyclable with ease thereby being one of the most eco-friendly materials available. We can provide you multiple sizes from small, medium, large and extra large to match your needs.

Boxes can be customized as per your needs and our designer team can offer complete support on this front. We can extend our customization to logo designing, multicolor printing and special boxes for your specific needs. All colors and sizes possible with the above customization and personalization process. Our services are best suited for individual products, bulk manufacturers, wholesale packing and Exporters.

How to order

  • Model : RSE_KKB20′
  • Security : We can offer complete support for barcode/QR code labels, stickers that can help in clear tracking and identification.
  • Colour : color : can be customized to suit your needs and color themes. Natural shades and variations thereof can be provided as well.
  • Branding : Can be done at an additional cost. Subject to minimum qty criteria