Sample Bottle RSE750sq

Product Code: RSE750SqFO – R100

Product Description: Sample bottles of Volume 750ml/25 Oz. Made by single stage Injection-blow moulding process from HDPE plastic which is highly rigid and 100% recyclable. A specially designed Long Neck that enable perfect sealing between the bottle and the cap while helping in emptying contents without spillages. Bottles shape is perfectly crafted for high stability thereby preventing them from easily toppling. Cap and bottle are designed in such a way that a tamper evident security seal can be applied

RSE Advantage :

  • Wide mouth of size 38mm with Lock thread helps in leak proof sealing between cap and bottle.
  • Bottle with a Long Neck Design helps in easily emptying contents from it – most suitable for Oil analysis programs.
  • Caps can be colour coded to enable easy identification and segregation.
  • Can be used in Laboratories, Industries, Marine Vessels, hospitals for packing/storage Numerous other applications involving the storage of liquid samples.
  • The bottle material is easily recyclable.

Properties :

Physical Colour: Opaque (natural & white)Weight 2.50 oz., 70 grams
softening Temp: 262°F / 128°C maxfilling Temp: 200°F / 93°C max

DimensionalHxLxB : 165mm X 80 X 80mm/ 6.500 x 3.15 x 3.15 in

Material Safety Data

Not recommended for temperatures above 95°C. The bottle is not safe for use with certain corrosive chemical. Pl request for more information in case of need.

How to order

Ordering Codemodel-Vol -cap colour-qty/pack
Cap colourRed, Blue, Orange, White, Green, Yellow (Other colour choice upon request.)
Qty per pack50, 100 nos.
BrandingCan be done at an additional cost. Subject to minimum qty criteria.