XRF Sampling Cups

Precision to the micro level – RSE manufactures XRF cups of size 32mm sample holder. Suits all branded meters in the market. packed in bags of 100 nos can be shipped directly to your lab locations or warehouse through your approved AirFreight.

Made of Polyethylene (high Density) that is manufactured in clean conditions. Constructed using Outer Cup, Inner cup and the Cover. helps in visibility, accessing and handling samples to be tested with great ease. We have provided collars that help in holding the film to cup enabling additional security. XRF cups manufactured by us has worked well giving very good test results to various labs across the world.

How to order

  • Model : RSE_XRF100
  • Contents : XRF cups packed in 100 sets per bag. further into Kraft cartons for shipping direct to your destinations.
  • Security : provision to apply second seal for further forwarding of untempered sample
  • Cap colour : White
  • Qty contact for quantities and pricing.